Microsoft Launches Copilot Pro For Individuals At $20 Per Month

On Monday, Microsoft launched a new premium subscription of its Copilot for individuals called Copilot Pro, which costs $20 per month per user. Microsoft Launches Copilot Pro For Individuals At $20 Per Month According to the Redmond giant, this paid version offers advanced AI capabilities, brings Copilot AI (artificial intelligence) skills to Microsoft 365 Personal and … Read more

This app lets restaurants and coffee shops charge to use the bathroom

Thanks to bans on pay toilets dating back to the 1970s, folks in the U.S. have become accustomed to enjoying free public restroom access pretty much anywhere their travels take them. Depending on the town or city, however, free-use bathrooms aren’t necessarily plentiful — or well-maintained, for that matter. In lieu of stateside political momentum … Read more

Xiaomi’s first EV is the freshest take on a ‘smartphone on wheels’

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has revealed its first electric car, a sharp-looking sedan called the SU7. Slated to roll out in China next year, it’s another entry into an increasingly crowded market for EVs. It’s also another attempt in this software-obsessed world to match up the technology people find in their phones to what goes … Read more